Build-a-Plane 2013 Summer Camp

We've got to start somewhere-- 2013 just sounds right!

There are 170 Build-a-Plane projects in High Schools all over the Untied States-- including Alaska. The Eagle Flying Museum is going to host a two week summer camp for 14 kids from around the nation in 2013.

Topics the students will cover are: hands on classes on piston engines, propellers, airframe, aerodynamics, covering class, perhaps a painting class, career days: ATC, Mechanics, Pilots, other jobs, a competition will result in a couple of kids getting a flying lesson in the PT-26.

We'll need a lot of support to pull this off:. Money, in kind support and volunteers. If you like to work with the future, here is your chance!

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WWII Flying Training- updated!

Scott 'Gunny' Perdue, a retired USAF F-15E IP, modernized the WWII training programs on our airplanes and the Museum makes them available to you!

If you want to fly warbirds you have a couple of choices: You can win the lottery, inherit the Gates Billions, or cozy up to someone who owns one already and work for years. OR..... you can come fly with us. We're not going to make you a Colonel, but you will get your hands dirty. We like to fly and what is more we like to share. We also like to preserve and when you combine all those things you come up with a safe, hands-on training program where you actually get to fly the airplane!

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Eagle Programs

Not many of us have the wherewithal to buy and operate a Warbird... but nearly all of us are fascinated by them.

We have programs for just about any interest: from working on the planes, to flying them, photographing them, Air2Air, airshows, rides, kid oriented programs. You name it, we have a place for you!

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