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Vision-- Just what is the EFM all about?

The mission of the Eagle Flying Museum is to bring the general public, school age children, pilots and enthusiasts of all types into close contact with these wonderful flying history lessons in order to tell the human story behind the scenes. Participatory programs for all ages will serve as the catalyst that sparks inspiration and that 'can do' attitude that is pivotal to the American way of life.


Membership Programs

A membership level and benefits that match your interest:

Basic Individual Membership $50/ Year

Membership Benefits: Subscription to the Newsletter, Membership Card & Decal, Admission to the Museum, Invitation to 1st Saturday events as well as Movie Nights, Join our Volunteer Staff.

Crew Membership $20/ month

Membership Benefits: The same as Individual, adding Free Admission for 4 for a year, Entry into the Warbird Ride Raffle on 1st Saturday's for two (or win twice a year), Standing invitation to the Eagle Movie night every month for 4 and a 10% discount for Snacko and Digital Store items as well as Selected Programs throughout the year. A Squadron T-Shirt and Cap.

Pilot Membership $30/ month

Membership Benefits: The same as a Crew Membership, adding 15% discount on Snacko and Digital Store items as well as a 5% discount on Pilot Training Programs and entry into a Training Course Raffle (once a year).

Commander Membership $40/ month

Membership Benefits: The same as a Pilot Membership, adding a 20% discount for Snacko and Digital Store items as well as a 7% discount on Pilot Training Programs and entry into the SIC Course Raffle (once a year, numbers permitting).



Vetern's Story Project

We like to hear from all Veterans from any war. Most folks don't realize that the US can only win its wars by teamwork.... everyone plays a part on the TEAM! Please tell us your story, or your Mom, or your Dad, your brother, your sister. Bring us some memorabilia and we'll feature the Veteran for a month! This stuff is important... let's not forget! Help us tell your vet's story! Please contact us now and we'll see what we can do!

E-mail: info@eagleflyingmuseum.org


Event Hosting-- Hold your event at the EFM: 4 for a card game or 600 for a dinner dance

We specialize in events... it is what we do, large or small we can handle it. Using the unique backdrop of these wonderful airplanes we can stage just about any event you can imagine. Audio/ Video... a dinner, a fund raiser, educational camps for your kids or your employees. Most folks don't realize that we have a big floor... inside... perfect space for you and the event. Let's do a BBQ and show an old movie for a couple of hundred. You'd be surprised... give us a call!


Eagle Docent Program

The Eagle Flying Museum is always looking for volunteers that would like to lead groups visiting the Museum for an event--- the job description is the ability to lead a group, tell them the history, past and present, of a particular airplane or display and the museum itself. The requirements are simple-- desire to hang around old airplanes, hear the fantastic noises, meet an endless stream of really neat people... and have fun! Any level of involvement or time commitment is fine. We'd just like to see you around the place every now and again!

Come on out and we'll find something for you to do!





E-mail: info@eagleflyingmuseum.org

Phone: 682-286-3971