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Scott Perdue aka "Gunny" - Museum Director and Chief Instructor

scottScott grew up in San Antonio, Texas and went to Alamo Heights High School, he was a Mule... how's that for a start. Joining the US Marine Corps out of High School, he just missed the Vietnam War. Starting out as a grunt Scott cross-trained as a computer programmer thinking that would keep his feet dry... didn't work. While completing his BS degree in Physics from the University of Texas he attended the Marine Corps' Platoon Leaders Course seeking an officer's commission in his quest to become a Marine pilot. After eight years of active and reserve duty he jumped ship for the US Air Force when HQMC took away his pilot slot. In the Air Force Scott trained as a Pilot at Sheppard AFB, in the Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training Program (ENJJPT). After graduation he was a Cold Warrior flying RF-4Cs at Bergstrom AFB, Texas and Zweibrucken AB, Germany. As a career broadening assignment he served as an Air Liaison Officer in Germany, where he fought with the Syrian 9th Armored Division during Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm and the brave warriors of 5th Special Forces Group. Somewhere along the way he garnered the nickname of Gunny... probably because he was a Sergeant of Marines... nothing to do with a Gung Ho attitude or anything. His next assignment was to fly the F-15E Strike Eagle at RAF Lakenheath. Flying with the 492d and 494th Squadrons he participated in the pseudo wars over Iraq and Bosnia. He then transfered to Seymour Johnson AFB and was a F-15E IP in the schoolhouse teaching new guys how to fly America's best fighter. He's a Certified Flight Instructor, A&P/IA and qualified in the B-25 (he held aB-25 61.58 PPE Examiner authorization), DC-3, Lockheed P-38, P-51 Mustang and L-39. He was on the TV show "Wings to Adventure" with Tom Gresham and did all the formation work for the filming flying over 75 different airplanes from the Tigermoth to the Spirit of St Louis. Oh, he has written for the aviation magazines and has a book out. Check out scottperdue.com when you get a chance.

Jim Wilson aka "Commander"- Museum Vice-Director and Visual Creative Genius

jw Jim Wilson has an uncanny eye as a photographer and it might surprise you, but he started out as a Caterpillar salesman. A tractor didn't suit him quite as well as a camera. 30 years ago he switched careers and it's good for us he did (his family too, you can only eat so much dog food!). He'll shoot just about anything, but his passion is airplanes. The Commander (good story behind that one when you have time) and Gunny started working together shooting Air-to-Air for magazine stories and advertising a few years back and just never quit. You can't beat a good team and you can't beat the rich detail in a Wilson shot. Some photographers get possessive about their work and methods... but not Jim. He came up with the idea of doing Air2Air seminars with the B-25 as a way of sharing that extraordinary opportunity and perspective with photography enthusiasts. Check out a seminar and be one of the crew!

You can check out his photography on our Eye Candy Page or on his website Jim Wilson Photography.



Jim "Jimbo" Lasche Program Director and Chief Enthusiast

Jimbo Lasche

Jim Lasche is the Eagle Flying Museum's Program Director. He holds an ATP, CFII, MEI with over 3,500 hrs and is one of our instructors . But most importantly Jimbo is our head cheerleader, If you're feeling blue spend a few minutes with Jimbo and you'll be ready to get right back to it! A retired Air Force Commander and Command Pilot, Jim has flown the C-130E, C-130H, T-38 T-37 plus many single engine aircraft.




Bob Ellis, Marketing and Event Director

Bob Ellis Bob Ellis retired after 35 years as the Vice President and Director of Corporate Planning and Communications Directorate for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES).  Fascinated with aviation he lived and breathed airplanes. He learned to fly in a Beech Musketeer and still owns the airplane.

A native of Fort Walton Beach, Florida Ellis began his career with AAFES in 1972. A string of assignments took him across the United States and around the World twice. Assignments included the Pentagon, Tokyo Japan, Travis AFB CA, Ft. Hamilton NY, and Carlisle Barrack PA, (Army War College). 
Notable among his accomplishments, Ellis was the 1st civilian President of the Yokota, Japan Aero Club and he was instrumental in spearheading emergency support and recovery effort to the Pentagon on 9-11 and received personal recognition from then Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld whom Bob worked for twice assisting with Defense policy guidance with the goal of preserving and protecting the exchange benefit for soldiers and airmen and their families around the globe. 
After Washington, Ellis moved to the Dallas area to work at AAFES Headquarters, where he volunteered to serve in Iraq shortly after the fall of Baghdad in 2003. Flying with Army Blackhawk crews daily he was responsible for identifying and developing support locations and a transportation link from Kuwait so that the troops could receive BX support in the field. Ellis maintains his home in Fort Worth Texas on an aviation airpark, he is an avid pilot who owns and flies his restored PT 17 Stearman, a Beech B-19 and lives the dream of flying every possible day.






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